Katarina Koljević



Katarina Koljević was born on 6.8.1993. in Belgrade, Serbia, where she graduated from Faculty of Dramatic Arts, department of Film and TV directing in 2017. 
Her short student films where screened at number of film festivals during her studies, including Sarajevo Film Festival in 2017., where her diploma film was a part of the student selection. This film was supported by Seriban Film Center and in the following year she won an audience award and a special mention for directing at the Bašta Film Festival. In 2020. she participated again with her M.A. short film at Sarajevo Film Festival and she was also a part of Talent Campus, Directors Summit.
In 2017. she worked as a director and content creator for a web series produced by Remarker media. 
She has directed and wrote several radio plays for Radio Belgrade during 2018. and 2019. 
As a casting director and an assistant director she has worked on projects such as “Humidity” (dir. Nikola Ljuca), “Requiem for Mrs. J.” (dir. Bojan Vuletić), “Quo Vadis Aida”(dir. Jasmila Žbanić) etc. 
In 2019. she participated at the Saari Artistic Residence of Konne Fondation in Finland where she was developing her first feature film. 
She works as a film critic and essayist for a web based publication Filmoskopija which is a part of Serbian Film Center.
She also publishes film and tv based essays in other web based publications.

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