Andrés Mellinas Leva



Andrés Mellinas' love for films grew in the Méliès cinema in Barcelona, and he decided that he wanted to become a producer when he became the class representative at the age of sixteen. He graduated in Film Production at the ESCAC Film school in 2011, where he currently teaches Film Industry. He works as a Delegate Producer in Nanouk Films, since 2017. Filmography: A Dog’s Life (2012), Short Film, Unit Production Manager Megazoe (2016), Short Film, Line Producer Fading Out (2018), Feature Film, Executive Producer Ojos Negros (2019), Feature Film, Executive Producer Remains of Things (2019), Short Film, Executive Producer GANG (2020), Short Film, Executive Producer & Scriptwriter The Offering (2020), Feature Film, Line Producer Boy From The Blaze (2021), Feature Documentary, Executive Producer

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