Davide Gianluca Vaccaro



Graduate in Film Studies at DAMS of Torino University, currently working in Brussels, managing an EU-funded project to strengthen the skills of the European Audiovisual industry for more sustainable film productions. I started my career in 2009 working in the local cultural creative and audiovisual industry in Torino as videomaker, and content creator and set assistant for small film production companies, local TVs, theatrical companies and associations. Among others I worked on the set of the Mediaset TV show “Il peccato e la vergogna” and il TV show “Cuore Granata”. I contributed to the development of the European Network of Film talents NISI MASA present in 27 EU countries, organizing and leading film projects. I covered the role of President and European Coordinator of the Italian member of the network Franti Nisi Masa. I also worked for the broadcasting channel of the European Parliament as production assistant, for the study centre Sereno Regis as a film researcher participating in the foundation of the center for film and art IRENEA, and I worked as a content creator for the Torino Municipality and the fashion industry in Milan. Currently, I manage film-related projects for independent film producers.

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