Siska Raharja



Siska Raharja is born in 1986. Her bachelor degrees is Television Major, and she pursued Master of Art and Media Studies in UGM (Gadjah Mada University). Today she runs a production house named Elora Production. She’s also active in non-profit organization INDOARTNOW and has made almost 100 profile documentaries about visual artists from all over Indonesia. So far, Siska has produced television program about visual arts named Artline in Bloomberg TV Indonesia and three short film, “Lost Wonders” (dir.Loeloe Hendra) that competed in the Silversceen Award Singapore International Film Festival 2016, “Flowers in The Wall” (dir.Eden Junjung) that speaks about Human Rights through the story about Wiji Thukul. “Flowers In The Wall” became official selection in “Light of Asia” program by Jogja Asian Film Netpac 2016, Piala Maya 2016, International Competition Bogota Short Film Festival 2016 and International Competition Busan Short Film Festival 2017. She also produced new short film Tigu (Egg) dir. Loeloe Hendra in 2017.

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