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The Play

A young director of a theater in a small Czech town decides to realize a more personal and ambitious play, neglecting his family.

Main info

Title: The Play
Year: 2019
Directed by: Alejandro Fernández Almendras
Premiere & awards: Valdivia International Film Festival 2019, Gala
Produced by: Film & Roll – Czech Republic
In co-production with: Jirafa – Chile, Fernández Films – Chile, Arizona Productions – France, Jeonju Cinema Project – South Korea
Countries: Czech Republic, Chile, France, Republic of Korea (South Korea)


The world of Petr, a young director of a theater in a small Czech town, crumbles after he decides to carry out his dream: to adapt an overly ambitious play based on Euripides’ classic "Fedra". During the rehearsals, he loses his two main actors and the Town Hall begins to pressure him to change the play due to its political content. Overwhelmed by his troubles at work and the growing distance with his wife Katerina at home, Petr makes his situation even worse by falling in love with Karolina, the talented, new actress playing the lead. As the premiere approaches, life imitates art and, as inevitable as the clouds over the stage of the Greek tragedy he’s adapting, Petr’s strength is put to the test. Like an ancient hero, he must make a decision. As a modern man, he must face the consequences.

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