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City of Wind

A teenage shaman falls in love with a girl, shattering his fragile existence in modern Mongolia.

Main info

Title: City of Wind
Year: 2023
Directed by: Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir
Premiere & awards: Venice International Film Festival 2023, Orizzonti
Produced by: Aurora Films (France)
In co-production with: Guru Media (Mongolia), Uma Pedra No Sapato (Portugual), Volya Films (Netherlands), 27 Films Production (Germany)
Countries: France, Mongolia, Portugal, Netherlands, Qatar


Ze is a timid 17-year-old shaman. He studies hard at school to succeed in the cold, callous society of modern Mongolia, while communing with his ancestral spirit to help those in his community. But when Ze encounters Maralaa, his senses are awakened and another reality manifests.

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