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Bastard. The Legacy of a Criminal

The violation of human rights has been continuous in Chile, way after Pinochet. This very personal story reveals the impunity that for nearly 50 years failed to deliver justice to the victims.

Main info

Title: Bastard. The Legacy of a Criminal
Year: 2023
Directed by: Pepe Rovano
Premiere & awards: Santiago International Film Festival 2023, Special Mention of the Jury
Produced by: Totoral Films & Media Lab (Chile)
In co-production with: Stefilm (Italy) - Laika Film & Television and Film i Skåne (Sweden)
Countries: Chile, Italy, Sweden


The filmmaker is a Bastard who tries to repair a past he has nothing to do with. Being gay and having fled Chile because of its homophobic society, at the age of 35 Pepe discovers that his biological father, whom he has never seen, has been condemned for crimes against humanity during Pinochet’s dictatorship. Thanks to the country's impunity laws, his father spent only one night in prison. Pepe decides to return to Chile to meet and confront him. The long journey will lead him to break with his genocidal family heritage and meet the relatives of his father’s victims. It’s the only way he, and the whole country, can face the past without hiding it from evidence.

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