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Red Sea Labs - The Lodge 2024

Call for applications closed!

The Lodge 5th edition, where ambitions are honed and your film is shaped.

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The Lodge program nurtures the next generation of filmmakers from Saudi, the Arab world, Africa, and Asia, in partnership with the TorinoFilmLab.

After a successful fourth edition, The Lodge returns in 2024 better and bigger than ever. The intensive ten-month program is devoted to emerging filmmakers on their first or second feature; more established names with truly daring new concepts and approaches will be considered.

In 2024, the program will include five workshops – the first one exclusively addressed to selected Saudi teams, and the other four to all the
selected projects (please find dates and descriptions below).

Following the intensive development process over ten months, teams will have the opportunity to pitch at the Festival’s Project Market and compete for the Red Sea Lodge  Awards, where winners will share a pot of  $200,000 in award prizes, based on merit, and an Arab Premiere at Red Sea International Film Festival.

Additional funding opportunities for the films will be available. More information to be provided by the Red Sea Souk. Stay tuned through our social media channels for more info.

Following the program, teams will have a fully developed project including a logline, synopsis, treatment, and script, plus a budget, director’s statement, producer’s note, production and post-production schedule, financing strategy, and a financing plan.

Each team will understand the process of project development and will be equipped with the necessary tools to fully realize this and future projects. By providing filmmakers with the confidence to work effectively in the international marketplace, the program gives them the insight to move their careers to the next level and get their films made.

A maximum of 16 projects will be selected; with projects coming from Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, Asia and Africa. Saudi projects are films with Saudi/Saudi resident writers or directors. A Saudi element in the story is preferred.

The deadline for applications is:
For Saudi projects: 20th January 2024
For Arab, African and Asian projects: 30th January 2024

For further information, please contact:


Applications must be made in teams of 2 or 3, comprising:

1) A writer-director and producer or
2) A director, a writer and producer

- The director should be a Saudi/Saudi Resident or of Arab nationality/origin; African nationality/origin; or Asian nationality/origin.
- Preference will be given to projects with producers and screenwriters of Arab nationality/origin, but projects with team members of other nationalities will be considered provided the director is of Arab nationality/origin.
- Aimed at first or second-time feature directors, applications from more established voices will be considered if they demonstrate daring new ideas and approaches.
- The producer needs to have demonstrable production experience (previous work).
- A screenwriter must have experience with realized scripts in any form, including shorts, TV, web series, or theater.
- The team must confirm their full availability for all the workshops and sessions as per the schedule outlined below, as well as at the Red Sea International Film Festival, once the dates are announced.
- The working language of the workshops, meetings, and events is English; therefore, English proficiency is a must.

WHAT KIND OF film project

- Arab projects, directed by an Arab director with an Arab story.
- Saudi projects should be directed by a Saudi/Saudi Resident director, with a Saudi Element in the story.
- African projects, directed by an African director with an African story.
- Asian projects, directed by an Asian director with an Asian story.
- Submissions can be for any film form – fiction, creative documentary, experimental animation, or any other.
- Considering the prize award, the producers must be able to demonstrate suggested funding for the remainder.

The programme

- Selected participants will follow an intensive project development program scheduled across ten The program will explore projects from all perspectives including script consultations and work with experts in the fields of directing, cinematography, sound, editing post-production, financing and sales, and audience engagement. Producers will enjoy a dedicated program tailored to their development.

- All training will take the form of group and one-to-one sessions and include presentations, masterclasses, screenings, and case studies.

- All team members must be committed to participating in the full duration of the training, including attendance at all sessions, meeting the demands of the program as outlined by mentors and course moderators, as well as making themselves available to work on their projects between workshops and meeting the required deadlines. If for any unforeseen reasons, the participant is unable to attend, they should communicate with the Labs department for evaluation of the situation to assist.

The workshops

The selected project teams will attend the workshops, as listed here below:

29th February - 4th March 2024. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; For Saudi projects only. 

15th- 21st April. Alula, Saudi Arabia. Project Development & Production – An introduction to the program, the tutors, and all the selected project teams (Saudi, Arab, Asian, and African). Exploring the dramatic potential of the projects; an overview of the role and business of the producer.

17th- 22nd  June. Turin, Italy. Visualization - taking the script from the page to the screen working with film professionals including directors and cinematographers to understand how to realize the script visually.  Production program and script development work continues.

23rd- 30th September. Location TBC. Production and Post-Production – participants have the opportunity to discuss their projects with editors, sound designers, and post-production specialists. Production program and script development work continues.

End of November/beginning of December (According to Red Sea International Film Festival dates). Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Pitching & Red Sea Festival Preparation – participants will work on their pitches in preparation for the Festival and for the one-to-one meetings at the Red Sea Souk.

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