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TFL Extended - Veneto Writing Lab 2022 | Padua

Call for applications closed!

Veneto Writing Lab is a unique writing residency addressed to international professionals, with feature film projects at an early development stage who are willing to dive deep into the writing process in an inspiring environment dedicated to peace of mind, clarity of thought and creativity.


Veneto Writing Lab is a unique writing residency addressed to international professionals, with feature film projects at an early development stage who are willing to dive deep into the writing process in an inspiring environment dedicated to peace of mind, clarity of thought and creativity.

Participants will have the rare opportunity to discuss their work in group sessions and one-to-one meetings, coached by script consultants and mentors, and to develop their projects with the help of a creative team of talented writers.

Veneto Writing Lab is an exclusive residency for writers and directors only and it offers coaching and training, along a 4-day trajectory. During the lab, the participants will also join a location tour of the territory, to live a unique experience in touch with nature.

Other than the training, the participants will have the chance to join the TFL community of international and high-qualified professionals and to network with their colleagues during the workshop.
Professionals can enhance their skills while finding productive collaborations and networking with international colleagues.

Veneto Writing Lab is organised thanks to the partnerships with Veneto Film Commission and Scuola di Cinema Carlo Mazzacurati. The Lab is supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo.

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Where: in person, in Padua (Italy)

When: 5th - 11th October 2022


Up to 12 projects will be selected to work in 3 groups, each guided by a tutor with a wide international experience as a script consultant.

Throughout the workshop, the participants will test a wide range of possibilities for the creative development of their projects by working on the treatment.

Let’s get to know them a bit more!


Edoardo Intonti (Italy)

After experiencing the Chilean revolution in search of his own identity, a boy returns to his homeland in Italy with a broken heart.

Justyna Bilik (Poland)

1920s., Poland, sex worker Rivkah is about to kill a policewoman for the mob, but she falls in love with her. The stake is life of her kidnapped younger sister.

Marìa Silvia Esteve (France)

In pursuit of her next big play, a theatre director delves into loss and a violent past. Pain will take the form of a creature pushing its way into reality.

Thea Marti (Ukraine)

Trapped in a shared dream, a group of very different people have to face the creations of each other’s mind to find the way out and return to reality.

Anna Marziano (Italy)

A mother and her 8yo daughter are trying to figure out their lives while coping with the rising sea levels in the area of Venice. They are still at work...

Ahmad Hasan Yuniardi (Indonesia)

A woman who inherits the ability to see a particular ghost decides to marry a stranger that makes the ghost go away, only to discover that the man is the real evil in her life.

Alexandros Kostopoulos (Greece)

A career-focused father who loses his seven-year-old son amidst a festival crowd, struggles to rebuild his family, while coping with unbearable guilt.

Kevin Haefelin (Switzerland)

Struggling for a place in a recomposed family, a young boy escapes to his irresponsible dad and con artist grandma and delves into a life of petty crime.

Nicola Sersale (Italy/UK)

A party to fuel a family’s illusion will bring them straight to the truth.

Filippo Demarchi (Switzerland)

In a nationalist community, David falls in love with Burak, a Turkish seasonal worker, and his values fall apart...

Katharina Maas (Germany)

Bessarabia, 1925: A young woman breaks free through her art and passion from the restrictive life her society has planned for her and thereby risks everything.

Marco Mucig (Italy)

In 2050, in a bunker of the Cold War, a group of anarchist-ravers try to survive in a dystopian world.

In partnership with
  • Veneto Film Commission
  • Scuola Mazzacurati
With the support of
  • Fondazione Cariparo

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