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TFL Next - Feature Film 2024

Call for applications closed!

Treatment-based online workshop divided into 2 development sessions.


The workshop is treatment-based, which means that participants exclusively work on the treatment of their feature film projects.

The workshop is divided into 2 development sessions:

  • - a first 5 day-long session, where participants discuss their work in group sessions and one-on-one meetings with their tutors
  • - then, participants have 3 weeks to rework their materials
  • - a second 2 day-long session, where participants share and discuss their work again in individual meetings with their mentors and group sessions with other participants


20 feature film projects at an early development stage presented by international scriptwriters or writers/directors together with a producer (if on board) will be selected and divided into 5 groups.

The participants will work on their treatments alongside peers and a tutor with substantial international experience as a script consultant, implementing the fundamental techniques and skills necessary to develop and produce successful feature films.


The online workshops are open to scriptwriters, directors and producers from all over the world. The project can be presented individually or in a team (maximum 2 participants per team) and must be in the shape of a feature film project at an early development stage.

The working language of all workshops, meetings and events is English; thus, a good knowledge of English is essential to participate.


1,700 Euro (+ VAT, if due) per team of participants (max 2 participants).

Upon selection, participants must send proof of the payment within the following 2 days, to confirm their seat.

TorinoFilmLab doesn’t foresee any scholarships for this workshop.

In many countries, public institutions provide scholarships for this kind of training, and TorinoFilmLab can provide a selection letter to facilitate the request.


1st session: from May 6th to May 10th 2024

2nd session: from May 27th to May 31st 2024


The requested materials – to be submitted all together in one PDF, and all in English – are:

- project logline (2 lines max, font 14) - please note that this logline will be used for communication purposes and to announce the eventual selection of the project in the program
- project synopsis (1 page max, font 14)
- treatment (5 pages min - 10 pages max, font 14): please note that a treatment is a long version of the synopsis that further details the plot and characters.
- director's/scriptwriter's intention note (1 page max, font 14)
- 3 pages max with: the CV of all project team members, a link (with NO password) to previous work (30’ max), a link (with NO password) to 1’ video presentation (it must include all the project team members; in this video you are asked to present yourself/yourselves and explain why you’re interested in applying to TFL Next)
- materials about the audio-visual approach: still pictures, video mood board, etc. (1-page max, font 14, optional).


8th March 2024, 11.59 pm CET.

Click on "APPLY NOW!" to access the application form and submit your candidature (before starting the application process, you need to create an account on the TFL platform).
In the application form, candidates will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire about the status of their project.

 Applications that don’t respect the above-listed criteria will be rejected!

For more information please contact:


30 DAYS OF SUMMER (Ukraine)
Anastasia Solonevych
In summer 2022, two Ukrainian step-sisters, Anna, a translator, and Valeriia, a soldier, meet again at a military camp, hoping to reconnect and possibly become the family they’ve never been.

A SUNSET (Egypt)
Hisham Saqr and Mohamed El Raie
Amidst the celebratory backdrop of an engagement party on a Nile cruise, a family confronts their hidden struggles and societal judgments when a stranger's drastic act unveils the delicate facade of their joyous occasion.

Christopher Nilsson and Annegret Kunath
When the small town hairdresser Carina goes bankrupt, she reinvents herself as a psychic medium - but this newfound power soon corrupts.

Tinna Hrafnsdóttir
Breeze, a lonesome parking enforcement officer, finds her purpose shaken when her abusive, bedridden mother passes away after a lifetime of silent servitude. But a mysterious phone call from a stranger abroad, claiming to be her half-sister, changes everything and thrusts her into an unforeseen odyssey offering a chance to redefine her identity through the unexpected twists of life.

Aline Boyen and Fenna Van Der Goot
When Sofia's (21) grandmother unexpectedly passes away, and her dad comes back to Belgium after years of absence, Sofia does everything she can to keep her rolling stone father close.

Urzulka Barker
In Texas, two women in their early 20s forge a platonic, loving friendship through a shared love for motorcycling, as their lives as artists intertwine. Together they attempt to make a larger body of work and meet a deadline for a record label, fighting the elements and overcoming adversities along the way.

Nadya Todorova
When their life is uprooted by a UFO crashing into their house, two women rebuild it in the face of bureaucracy, opportunism and being seen as collateral damage.

DARWIN IN TAIF (Saudi Arabia)
Maha Al-Saati
A biology professor on the brink of career ruin infiltrates Saudi Arabia's underground animal rescue scene, led by an egomaniacal social media influencer, in a desperate bid to restore her tarnished reputation.

INDIGO (Mexico)
Daniela Rodríguez García and Aída Herrerías García
A shy girl, dreaming of space to escape reality, encounters an astronaut who unveils the excitement of life on Earth with family and friends.

KISMET (Cyprus)
Dogus Özokutan and Vasvi Çiftcioglu
A terminally ill man goes against accepted norms, by forcing his family and community to question their own values. Is how you die, your choice or theirs?

Neal Dhand
Akil’s job is to alter his appearances to take the place of clients who need an escape. His life changes when he replaces a mother whose kids he feels a deep love for.

Yaelle Amar
As her firm faces a fraud audit, Molly, an ambitious yet insecure young woman, must set morals aside and play a ruthless game to clear herself of a crime.

Diana Mashanova
In the depths of a developed country, people in a shipping container harvest rice, their tongues cut off in youth. Guarded to prevent knowledge of language, culture, or progress, they unwittingly witness the emergence of these elements.

SHIDO (Spain)
Anita Pico and Rocío López
One. Two. Three. Carla counts every second of her life as if she never left the judo mat. In the key year to become a professional judoka, the teenager embarks on a terrifying and toxic breakup with her passion.

SUFFOCATED (Brazil/Canada)
Fabio Montanari and Diana Golts
When a wave of suicides takes root in a small Brazilian farming town, an ambitious executive is dispatched to her hometown to solve the crisis where she encounters obstacles far beyond agriculture and her teenage daughter’s angst. As she tries to save the community, she risks losing herself.

(Spain and Bulgaria)

Marieta Petchanska and Clara Núñez
Helena travels to Cuba to overcome the loss of her father and reconnect with her sister, Sunny, but instead, she falls in love with Michel, and embarks on a personal journey living in the poorest neighbourhood of Havana, drinking a bittersweet cocktail of hunger and passion. 

Maìra Bühler and Andrè Sobral
Freely inspired by a true story, the film tells the story of the marriage between a white man and an indigenous woman, which becomes the biggest media event of the decade.

Tommaso Frangini and Sofia Petraroia
Four best friends face the difficulties of carrying their friendship from adolescence to adulthood, as one of them returns to Milan after years living abroad.

Jiajie Yu Yan and César Esteban
Xiaowei, a 7-year-old Chinese boy, arrives at Barcelona in 1992 to be reunited with his parents.Throughout his childhood, adolescence and youth, his mother struggles to create a bond with him, but Xiaowei is unable to correspond.

Gemma Capdevila Barbé and David Ciurana
A cattle rancher fights to save his cows from an outbreak of a plague, while trying to regain love for his brother, and the mother who abandoned them with the help of an ancient magical being.


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