Viktor van der Valk



Writer-director Viktor Bjarni van der Valk received his cinematic training at the Utrecht School for the Arts (HKU), the Netherlands Film Academy, and through his debut film VEGLEYSA (2011) in his native Iceland. The short films he directed during his time at the Netherlands Film Academy, STEEN (2013) and ONNO THE OBLIVIOUS (2014), further allowed him to explore his innermost thoughts and feelings through film - resulting in film festival selections and awards. Viktor worked as key director’s assistant and co-director on projects as eclectic and across art forms as theatre company Wunderbaum’s STOP ACTING NOW (Mijke de Jong, 2015) and documentary filmmaker Guido Hendrikx’ STRANGER IN PARADISE. He is currently in the midst of finishing his debut feature 'Nocturne' in post-production, and writing his second feature 'The Photocamera'.

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