Tomáš Bojar

Czech Republic


Tomáš Bojar (1981) holds a degree in politics, law and moral philosophy (PhD) from the Charles University in Prague. He has been active in the film industry since 2003, first as a scriptwriter, later also as a producer and director. He worked on multiple film projects in a creative duo with Pavel Abrahám - most notably on two feature length documentaries, “Czech RAPublic” (2008) and “Two Nil” (2012). Together with Rozálie Kohoutová he directed a feature-length documentary, “FC Roma” (2016). He is currently completing the feature-length documentary “Breaking News”, which will be released in summer/autumn 2018, and together with Zuzana Špidlová, he is working on a documentary series called “The Magnificent Five”, which will be screened by the Czech Televison in the first half of 2018. He worked as a a co-writer of two feature film scripts, one of which (“The Ritual”) is currently in pre-production stage. Tomáš Bojar runs a small-scale production company Cinema Arsenal.

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