Andrey Volkashin

North Macedonia


Born in Macedonia, Andrey Volkashin graduated film directing at NATFA in Sofia, Bulgaria, and is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. His first film "Nothing in the Air" (10') premiered at Sofia IFF 2008 and his graduation film "Kinder Surprise" (27') was awarded the Audience Award at Sofia IFF 2011. His musical comedy "Shhh…Sing To Me" (36') was the first short film to be theatrically distributed in Bulgaria and has created a strong cult following. The short film "Koliva" (24'), a Macedonian-Bulgarian co-production opened at the 46th Huesca IFF. His short script project "Ficus" was selected by the program Sarajevo, City of Film and was produced as a part of Sarajevo Film Festival 2018. Ficus was nominated for IRIS PRIZE, the largest award for LGBT+ short film in the world and have opened at the 25th ISFF in Drama. Andrey has just completed his last short film "Snake" (20') and is currently developing two feature film projects, both supported with script development grants by the Macedonian Film Agency. He is also a published novelist in his native Macedonia.

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