Antra Gaile



Antra Gaile (born 1981, Latvia) holds a degree in Sociology and currently is preparing to receive MBA (Riga Business School, Latvia). In 2019, Antra joined the production company “Air Productions” as a partner equipped with profound experience in the production of creative and historical documentaries as well as feature films by collaborating with local and foreign directors and industry professionals gained during 7years employment at the film studio “Mistrus Media”. The most important films produced by Antra that have received recognition at the international festivals and reached a large number of Latvian viewers at cinema includes Ivars Seleckis documentary “To be Continued”, the historical drama “The Mover” by Dāvis Sīmanis and creative documentary “My Father, the Spy” by Jaak Kilmi and Gints Grūbe. Antra’s previous employment experience includes being in charge for marketing communications of social responsibility and cultural projects in the biggest daily newspaper in Latvia for five years.

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