Lucrecia Martel



Lucrecia Martel “is considered by many to be her nation’s, or even Latin America’s, pre-eminent film-maker”, says The New York Times. Born in Salta, Argentina, she gained international renown with her first feature film La Ciénaga (The Swamp) in 2001, followed by La niña santa (The Holy Girl) in 2004 and La mujer sin cabeza (The Headless Woman) in 2008. Her fourth feature, Zama, an exploration of colonialism and racism, drawn widespread acclaim at its premiere in the Venice International Film Festival in 2017. She has also shown interest as an artist outside the cinema spectrum. Her latest collaboration was the direction of Björk’s concert Cornucopia at The Shed, acknowledged as the most elaborated show ever given by the Icelandic artist. A travelling retrospective of Martel’s work was launched in 2018 at New York’s Lincoln Center, together with a series of masterclasses about sound and perception that brought the filmmaker across many film festivals and several of the most prestigious arts and cultural institutions of the world. In 2019, Martel was chosen to be President of the Jury at the Venice International Film Festival. She is currently working on Chocobar, her first feature-length documentary.

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