Harry Flöter



born March 9th 1966 in Göttingen, Germany lives and works in Cologne, Germany co-founder of 2Pilots Filmproduction in 1998 member of the German Film Academy (writers section) member of the European Film Academy (producers section) member of the European Documentary Network (producers section) member of the German Producers Union (Produzentenverband) member of the NRW Film Association (Filmbüro NW e.V) Languages: German, (N) , English (A), French (B-C), Spanish (B-C), Italian (C) Degrees: Apprenticeship in Photography, Film studies University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund, Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM), International Film School Cologne, Writers class Workshops and Masterschools (partly) Robert Mc Kee-Story, ARISTA story editors workshop, Stephen Cleary, AKMI media management workshop, Ekran- Andrzej Wajda Masterclass of film directing (as writer/director) , éQuinoxe TBC, Evian, France, Laurie Hutzler, Tom Schlesinger, Keith Cunningham, Keith Johnstone, Daniel Speck, Mini-EAVE, Sources 2, Werner Herzog, Roland Klick, Linda Seger, McKee-TV-Series, Pilar Alessandra, James Manos, Scott Myers, and others... Coproduced with: Colombia, Romania, Poland, Israel, UK, Iran Argentina, Turkey, France, Italy. Codeveloped with: Argentina, Canada, France, Italy and Spain.

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