Tobias Wilbrink



Tobias Wilbrink – Sustainability Consultant Tobias (1983) grew up in the Netherlands and is best described as a passionate entrepreneur. He graduated as a producer at the Netherlands Film Academy in 2009. As Head of Production and partner at Wefilm Amsterdam (2010-2017) he gained a clear understanding of how to market products and ideas. In 2017 he left the industry for a while to study again. In 2019 he graduated at MSLS Sweden; Master's in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. Tobias believes that we don't see the world as it is, we see the world as we are. Inner & Outer Transformation; in order to make the world better, we need to make ourselves better. This strong belief is embedded in his everyday life as he makes personal practice such as sports, yoga and meditation part of his daily routine. He loves initiatives that inspire people; that don’t preach but practice, that don't judge but present viable alternatives. Tobias combines his film and marketing skills with his passion for sustainability. In doing so, he desires to contribute to a system in which organisations, as well as individuals, consider sustainability in their decision making.

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