Agata Licciardello



Agata Licciardello moved from Sicily to Brussels in 2009 after getting a BA in International Communication at the University of Catania. Two years later, she got her first job as Location Assistant. Since then, she has been working in the Transport and Location Departement, and lately as Covid Manager, in more than 50 Belgian and international productions ( films, TV series and commercials) learning everything from the field. Recently graduated from the Institut Eco Conseil of Namur, Agata Licciardello has been working as Green Manager on sets since 2020. She supports film supply companies and productions who want to reduce their environmental footprint, creating a custom-built sustainibility action plan and proposing sustainable practices on the film set. At the same time, she faces the film crew’s resistance to change, trying to raise their awareness about the unacceptable amount of waste and pollution linked to the day-by-day filming activities. Last march, she delivered a workshop at the “Green Manager Training” organised by Wallimage ( Wallonia Film Funds). During her workshop, she shared her field experience with the future Green Managers and she highlighted the key role of the Green Manager in the audiovisual industry sustainability transition. Alongside her career in the film industry, Agata Licciardello pursues her interest for the environmetal issues in her private life as well. A few years ago, she took a step towards zero waste living and she started creating zero waste events and workshops. Lately, she is even producing her own zero waste podcast.

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