Natàlia Ejarque Caldés



My name is Natalia Ejarque Caldés and I am from Barcelona. Two years ago, I took the decision to do everything possible to make a job change to dump my passion: work in the audiovisual sector. However, I did not want to do so by following the same pattern and repeating a methodology that does not meet the social and environmental needs of the moment. The reason I decided to take the step is because I think both personal success and well-being are achieved when work is in harmony with personality and hobby. So far I have worked in various institutions of the Catalunya Government and I have always moved in the treacherous world of regional, national and local public subsidies, and also in the search for projects and new opportunities abroad. I feel comfortable in dealing with people and also doing analytic, strategic and organisational work. Now I am working in the movie industry (production department). I have studied international relations and understanding the needs of our planet has always seemed to me to be a very interesting adventure and a responsibility on the part of its inhabitants. The Corporate Social Responsibility Master's, together with the Film Production Master's degree I've made this 2021, are the perfect combination to accomplish my goal: to make the film industry more sustainable. My objective is to gradually incorporate the values of sustainability within the audiovisual sector where the company requires it. Audiovisual production is part of a system that will have to integrate a global vision of the context in which we live by promoting sustainable development. The need to bring about changes in our audiovisual production system is already a reality. The role I would love to play in an audiovisual production. I have already started working in this direction with the FASTEN FILMS in a movie they coproduced also with Portugal and now they want to keep on working the same track in their upcoming movies. That is why I find it critical to boost my training and educate myself more in this milieu. Now I am also working in the production of a film by ESCÁNDALO FILMS, which is going to be recorded between may and june 2022. I am encouraged by projects carried out at European regional level, such as the Green Screen project, where Spain participates through Prom).laga (the body responsible for the economic promotion of the city of Málaga). Green Screen is one of the 7 participants in this European project led by Film London and is one of the first and most powerful responses to the dawn of this movement. In 2020, the Board of Directors of the Spanish Academy of Cinema unanimously agreed on the creation of the "Green Section of the Academy", with which it intends to implement a "more efficient and sustainable" way of working in the audiovisual industry and the ICAA (Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales). For example, it already introduces sustainable criteria gradually into the national landscape. At a supranational level, we find the space to comply with the sustainability strategies of productions and which obviously directly affects the final score of the application. The EU has alredy spoken with the “New Generation Funds” which are aligned with the 2030 Agenda to foster sustainability around the region. Progress is already being made in Europe as an indicator of the future to be experienced in relation to sustainable production. Cinema is an active engine that generates realities and, as a result, must integrate a global view of the context in which we live. I would love to be able to participate in this workshop because I consider it essential that we jointly generate tools, develop alliances with the most powerful players in the sector, insist on training and education programmes in audiovisual production and generate innovative projects that will help the whole chain of production to be sustainable (from suppliers to the domes of the most influential companies at corporate level). I understands film production as part of a system that has didactic and moral intent beyond entertainment. Furthermore, this exercise serves as an instrument for establishing dialogue between the academy, producers, researchers and consumers. Together we can understand and intelligently resolve the struggles of globalisation and emphasise that the transformation of mass media is one of the objectives as social communication. To conclude, I would like to emphasise the aspect of the community effort to achieve a systemic change in the sector where it is necessary to act by all the actors involved to have a joint basis to act as the only way to find methods of avoiding greenwashing.

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