Andrea Trincardi



I have worked as an architect for almost thirty years, practising and spreading the themes of sustainability and awareness of the life cycle of materials (Life Cycle Assessment) before the "organic" fads invaded every sector. All this work was presented in the book Guida all'acquisto della casa sostenibile, published by Il Sole 24 Ore in 2006. In 2018 I decided to change my job completely, I resigned from the Odine degli Architetti (Boards of Architects) and became a partner in Altreforme, a company I was already working with. In Altreforme, I deal with educational projects in schools, production, script writing and script editing. At the same time, since 2021 I have been working as an individual green manager. The introduction of the bonus systems introduced by the cinema legislation, in favour of environmental awareness and the discovery of the Greenfilm protocol gave me the opportunity to reflect on how the experience accumulated in the architecture profession could be applied to the world of cinema.

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