Branka Miloshevska

North Macedonia


Born in Skopje, Branka Miloshevska graduated at the University Sts Cyril and Methodius as journalist. After finishing her studies she is working as journalist in the national TV house Channel 5 for almost 8 years. When she left working as a journalist she joints her husband film company “Revolution” from Skopje and works as a company manager until today. Their company was a co-producer of one of the most famous Balkan film director Rajko Grlic and his film “Constitution” who premiered in Montreal festival and won the Grand Prix award. Following her passion for film production, she decided to work as freelance coordinator working on director Teona Mitevska’s latest feature film "The happiest man in the world”. On this film she met Elena Stanisheva and continued their collaboration on Elena’s newest feature film " The Sweet Bitterness of Ripe Pomegranates" written and to be directed bt Andrej Volkashin, produced by Veda Film Production from Skopje and developed at Torino Script Lab in 2019.

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