Daniel Soltysinski



Daniel graduated from Lodz Film School with a degree in acting but swiftly transitioned into writing and story editing. He has since made significant contributions as a stage writer, with 9 of his plays premiering in notable Polish theaters, such as the National Stary Theater in Krakow. His festival accomplishments include the Grand Prix at the International Divine Comedy Theater Festival in 2017, as well as 2 awards at the Polish Screenwriters’ Festival Script Fiesta in 2023. Beyond his personal creations, Daniel has played a pivotal role in the development of TV series and film concepts, serving as a consultant for 2 production houses: Pigeon Pictures and Laniakea. Currently, he is both a screenwriting instructor at Lodz Film School and a PhD candidate. His first feature, The Sparring (directed by Piotr Dylewski and produced by Rozbrat Films), is currently in development.

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