Tonyia Dowling



A versatile communicator with expertise in Screen Storytelling, Sustainability and Creative Innovation. Successful track record in devising and delivering original scripted and unscripted content to engage specific audiences across all media platforms and in every genre. Co-founder and co-host of the award winning sustainable living podcast EcoMomics available on Anchor, Spotify and Apple. This podcast was devised to stimulate discussion and motivate consumers - especially parents and care givers - to make more planet friendly choices in their everyday lives. A graduate of UCD Innovation Academy with a diploma in Design Thinking for Sustainability I possess the skills and toolkit to ideate on problems and identify potential sustainable solutions. Successful twenty five year career in senior leadership and stakeholder management roles in scripted and unscripted television broadcasting, both in RTÉ and the independent sector. Managed editorial responsibilities, scheduling, talent, crews and budgets for hundreds of broadcast hours, including Irish versions of ‘Masterchef’ and ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ plus channel staples like the continuing drama series ‘Fair City’ and the current affairs flagship programme ‘Prime Time’. Strong instincts for scripted screen storytelling and skilled in script writing, editing and delivering constructive feedback. Track record in spotting and nurturing both on and off screen creative talent and fostering their potential. I am highly attuned to wasteful and climate damaging practices and behaviours - particularly in the environs of scripted production. With my experience in both production and sustainability I believe I could make a valuable contribution to mitigating this waste and promoting more sustainable practices and mindset at every stage of the film making process from concept to final delivery.

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