Kirsten Ittershagen



KIRSTEN ITTERSHAGEN is a German TV Writer-Producer who runs German and international TV series with passion and precision. Kirsten Ittershagen lives in Berlin and holds a master degree in Sociology, Politics and Psychology. She has been working as head writer and writer producer for the most popular, long-running TV series in Germany. She also worked internationally, heading up English-speaking writers rooms of TV series in Croatia, Hungary and Dubai. Kirsten Ittershagen develops original TV series for companies like: Fremantle, UFA, ndf, Constantin and many more. In 2014 her passion TV series project Alibi Agency aired on ZDFneo. She also created the international TV series “Nina & Tom”, the adaption of the acclaimed novel from the author Tom Kummer, in 2019. And her original passion project “Love Has Won”, a high-end near sci-fi drama TV series was optioned in 2020 by C21 Studio in London. In 2017 she got a funding from a German Film fund to write her feature script “My Dad, Elvis”, which was considered for the German Film Award for Best Screenplay – Unproduced 2019. Following her international success, Kirsten Ittershagen joins the faculty at Serial Eyes Program in Berlin since 2013, where she mentors up and coming European writers and producers in of TV series.

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