Uri Bar-on



Uri Bar-on has been continuously creating worldwide acclaimed shorts, documentary and fiction. His Debut feature film "10% my child" won Israeli academy award best indie film of 2015 and is one of the last 6 runner up for the best Israeli film of the year and contender for the American Oscar. "10% my child" was also screened at Santa Barbara film festival and 10 other festivals all around the world. His short documentary “72 Virgins” was screened at Sundance and Tribeca in 2003. His short drama “A Different Love Song” won Best Short at Marbella Film Festival in 2005, and then went on to play in Miami, L.A. and Bolzano film festivals, among others. Uri has now written and directed for nearly every broadcast company in Israel, and his work was screened in various major worldwide television stations such as Arte. He is currently working on the development of “The untamed memories”, for which he has already secured development funding from the Israeli Film Fund and won the screenplay competition grant of Epos film festival 2014. The film is being developed at the Torino Film lab. More info and some of the films can be watched at his website:

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