Olivier Ciechelski



Olivier Ciechelski (b. 1973) studied literature then wrote a memoir about John Cassavetes. He directed and produced two short movies before starting the production of his first documentary film –a contemplative, subaquatic journey named De Profundis (premiered in Marseilles’ International Documentary Festival in 2004). During the same period of time, he took the habit of shooting what he could see from the windows of his flat, high above the ground in Paris' Chinatown. Put together, these images became an elegiac Letter from the top floor (premiered in Locarno’s International Film Festival in 2004). He then directed a short fiction: L’écluse (The girl with the sun in her hair) was first screened in Cannes’ International Critic’s Week in 2006. After a few years working as a script consultant for French network Canal+, he wrote and directed a new short, Jacob’s Dream (2013). He is currently working on his feature film debut.

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