Makbul Mubarak



Makbul Mubarak is a film critic turned filmmaker. The 2012 Berlinale Talent Campus alum co-founded and writes for Cinema Poetica, now an acclaimed collective of film critics, journalists, academics, researchers, and activists in Indonesia. His contributions are nationally recognized when Indonesia’s Ministry of Education hailed him Best Film Critic in 2015. Makbul built a filmography of short films. His debut short film SUGIH/DOG'S LULABY (2015) won Best Film in XXI Short Film Festival 2016, the biggest festival for short films in the country. His short film THE MALEDICTION won the Indonesian National Award for Best Short Film and receives special mention at the Singapore International Film Festival, both are in 2018. He is currently preparing for his feature film debut, AUTOBIOGRAPHY, selected to FeatureLab Program at TorinoFilmLab.

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