Olga Rozanova

United Kingdom


Olga’s professional odyssey began in hand-drawn animation and advertising. Her debut short, an official selection at over 25 international festivals, garnered top honours, including the BAFTA L.A. Award. Olga went on to write and direct more short content and a long-form educational film on advertising, commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi. Since launching a commercial production company in 2011, Olga has evolved her career in film as a writer and creative producer. After the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and the NFTS, she focused on developing a varied slate of film and TV projects. Written by Olga “The Trouble with Martha”, a BAFTA-Rocliffe winner, is in development as a feature animation. The film is co-executive produced by Olga and Helen Blakeman, a (BAFTA/EMMY). Neil Boyle (“Kensuke’s Kingdom”) is set to direct. Penned by Olga, “Alone in the Ocean”, a drama based on a true story, is scheduled to shoot in 2025, co-produced by Metra Films and Panache Productions (BE). Metra Films (RU) commissioned Olga to write and develop several international series and feature titles. In the wake of the Russian invasion, Olga wrote “Hope”. A drama feature, “Hope”, was shortlisted for the Sundance Development Track and nurtured within the Torino Film Lab -Ext, 2022. Currently, Olga is working on a Mexico-set series, “Goldmine” (TFL Next Series Lab, 2023), and a new comedy, “Bloody Bay” (Shortlist: TFL Comedy Lab,2024). Olga’s journey, like her narratives, reflects life’s complexity and an unwavering devotion to storytelling. Olga lives in London. BAFTA Connect member.

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