Amin Sidi-Boumédiène



Amin Sidi-Boumédine (born in 1982) has firstly studied chemistry before he started his studies in Cinema. In 2005, he obtained his film-directing diploma at CLCF (Concervatoire Libre du Cinéma Français), at Paris. He went back to Algeria in 2008 where he worked as second and first director assistant, then in late 2010 he directed his first short movie “Tomorrow, Algiers?” produced by Thala Films which participated in a dozen festivals around the world. His second short movie, “The Island”, also produced by Thala Films, was filmed in Algiers in July 2012. It won the prize of best production and best movie of the Arab world in The International Film Festival of Abu Dhabi in 2012. After “Serial K.”, auto produced short movie in 2014 and screened in few festivals, Amin Sidi-Boumédiène is currently preparing his first feature movie, “Abu Leila”, whose shooting will happen in the south of Algeria.

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