Thao Dong Thi Phuong



Graduated from Faculty of Literature, College of Social Science and Humanity, Ha Noi National University. Completed the cinema scripwriting course in Faculty of Arts, National University. Completed the independent documentary film making course at the center of documentary and experimental film in Ha Noi (Doclab) From the wish of recording the last journey of people in the family, she made her first documentary film named “Grandfather” in 2012. This film has caught the attention and become the first Viet Nam documentary film to attend international documentary film festival IDFA. It was screened in the category “Voice of Southest Asia”. Besides, it is also screened in many film festivals around the world. After that, she has shaped and continued to find a suitable telling way for documentary film. It has been maintaining by telling short stories through short movies, such as Memorable Room (2013), Window (2013), Go Ask the Garden (2014), Talking (2014), Dissolved into Water Drops (2015), Whisper, Hide (2015). Some of these movies were invited to screened at some musemums, film festivals around Southest Asia.   The decision of leaving Ha Noi for Sai Gon, to participate with the first independent movie of director Le Bao is a decision for long time journey and new adventurous, sharing, learning process.

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