May 29, 2024

The SeriesLab 2024 selection & the awarded project of 2023

It’s time to focus on the selected projects and professionals that together build the SeriesLab class of the year. The initiative, which reached its eighth edition, will be complemented for the very first time by a Story Editing programme.

SeriesLab will feature a total of 9 original and market-oriented TV series projects at an early stage of development presented by 18 writer, directors and producers and 3 aspiring story editor trainees.

The 21 participants - 14 female and 7 male audiovisual professionals chosen among 143 applications in total - come from 13 different countries: Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

For the second year in a row, SeriesLab is led by the Head of Studies Eszter Angyalosy, flanked by the tutors Filip Kasperaszek (Poland), Kirsten Ittershagen (Germany), Cyril Tysz (France) and Anne Feinsilber (France) who will work with the story editor trainees. In this six-month path that foresees a first workshop in early June in Leuven (Belgium), a second residential workshop is set for September in Madrid (Spain) with additional online sessions in between. SeriesLab course will culminate at the TFL Meeting Event, TorinoFilmLab's co-production market scheduled to take place on 21st-23rd of November.

Before delving into the new SeriesLab edition, TFL wishes to unveil the recipient of the first-ever SeriesLab Development Award (10,000 euros) with whom the 2023 season concludes.

The international jury, comprised of Paolo Ciccarelli (Head of Drama, MIA - International Audiovisual Market and International Scripted Advisor for Film & TV), Pernille Bech Christensen (Senior Executive Producer, TV2 Denmark), and Andrea Hoffmann (Co-Pro Series Coordinator, Berlinale Co-Production Market/Berlinale Series Market), has selected THE PROMOTER, directed by Elisa Mishto (Italy, based in Germany) and produced by Hana Geißendörfer (Germany/United Kingdom). Their decision was motivated as follow: We unanimously experienced a strong voice grounded on the authentic story of its creator, the project offers a unique female perspective on a traditionally male dominated arena with a multilayered storyline, the political dilemma behind the story feels urgent and relevant today, not only in its country of origin but across Europe.

Which are the participants of 2024?

The selection is also available in Variety's dedicated article. 


Country: Egypt, USA
Genre: Comedy/Action/Thriller
Logline: Navigating the cultural and racial minefield of post-Trump America, two Egyptian asylum seekers forge an unlikely friendship that reshapes their American dream in NYC.
Ahmed Ibrahim: Creator/Writer/Director (Egypt-USA) he/him


Country: Croatia
Genre: Dark humour anthology
Logline: The story takes place in a worn-down suburban socialist concrete building. A heat wave of 40+ degrees. Eight apartments, eight different stories. Eight nightmares. All connected by Miro the janitor, who is all about keeping order in this shabby building where the lights are not working or doors are not closing. One day, a cockroach enters the building, and Miro is determined to hunt it down.
Karla Lulic: Screenwriter/Director/Producer (Croatia) she/her
Jelena Madaric: Producer (Croatia) she/her
Production company: Dobar film


Country: Finland
Genre: Dark comedy
Logline: An overenthusiastic death doula falls in love with one of her dying clients. While she tries to convince others to accept the inevitability of death, she’s utterly unable to do it herself.
Anastasia Pashkevich: Creator/Writer (Finland) she/her
Eeva Putro: Creator/Writer (Finland) she/her
Production company: Silva Mysterium


Country: The Netherlands
Genre: Comedy
Logline: Six colleague-friends, behind the scenes of a forever-running musical, desperately try (and fail) to figure out LIFE.
Emma-Rose Thompson: Writer/Creator (The Netherlands) she/her
Hanneke Bosman: Creative producer (The Netherlands) she/her


Country: Spain
Genre: Comedy
Logline: In the bubble we all live in, class struggle and opulent decadence, an unexpected accident leads to an interrogation that unveils a chain of events, bringing to light the secrets of a network of suspects, the freeloaders. A peculiar group, with different members, but the same objective: to search for a sense of belonging to something. As power and deceit are revealed, alliances are tested, turning the entire story on its head.
Horacio Gómez Alcalá: Scriptwriter/Creator/Director (Spain-Mexico) he/him
Blanca Tormo Megias: Editor/Executive producer (Spain) she/her
Production company: The Aurora Project Entertainment

Country: Ireland
Genre: Drama/Dramedy
Logline: When a young transgender woman dies suddenly, her prejudiced family plans to bury her under her dead name. That is, until her gang of estranged queer friends steal her remains - inadvertently unleashing chaos on an austere Irish town.
Hiram Harrington: Writer/Co-creator (Ireland) he/him
Janna Kemperman: Director/Co-creator (Ireland-The Netherlands) she/her
Mary - Margaret Ryan: Producer (Ireland) she/her
Production company: Escape Pod Media


Country: Belgium
Genre: Fantasy
Logline: A girl finds a young woman’s body in a forest. When the victim’s tongue suddenly speaks to her, the girl puts it in her pocket and hides it at home…Accompanied by a speaking tongue, two police officers and even occasionally her mother who doesn’t speak, the girl looks for the truth.  A strange adventure begins.
Hasse Steenssens: Screenwriter (Belgium-Australia) she/her
Michael De Cock: Screenwriter (Belgium) he/him
Helena Vlogaert: Producer (Belgium) she/her
Production company: Caviar


Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Historical supernational drama
Logline: A young woman discovers she is the sole descendant of a group of Nigerian children with mind control powers, and becomes the centre of a power struggle between those wanting to utilise her skills as she works to uncover the truth of her identity.
Abiola Ogunbiyi: Creator/Writer (United Kingdom) she/her


Country: Sweden
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Logline: When a miner is scammed by his employer, he seeks help from the authorities, convinced that justice will prevail in Sweden. But society's safety net turns out to be an illusion that maintains the image of an equal Sweden. Despite his efforts to even the odds, he loses his life savings and everything he holds dear. When he crashes to the rock bottom, there is only one way he hasn't tried. A revenge plan takes shape and with it proof that even the most reliable man is a potential terrorist in a world that is constantly failing.
Leif Edlund Johansson: Creator/Screenwriter (Sweden) he/him
Emelia Hansson: Screenwriter (Sweden) she/her


One professional assigned to each group to work side by side with the tutor and get an insight into the development process of a TV series, focusing on the early scriptwriting stage.

György Baráthy
(Hungary) he/him
György is a Berlin-based Hungarian writer, a Sundance and Serial Eyes Alumnus. Since 2011 he’s worked for HBO Europe (three seasons of the Hungarian adaptation of In Treatment and one season of When Shall We Kiss, and has developed an original TV dramedy for HBO: Veneer). His short film Youniverse premiered on HBO MAX in 2020. In theatre, he’s been a dramaturg, playwright, and translator. Currently, he’s developing a quirky dramedy Over the Rainbow; a thriller about a mysterious cult in the 80s Hamburg Salvation, and a queer drama show called Home (Sundance Episodic Intense Lab, SerienCamp Writer’s Vision Pitch, Serial Eyes). With his latest project Hotel Love, he’s participating in Midpoint Series Launch 2024.

Jacob Dijker
(The Netherlands) he/him
Having served as a director and writer, Jacob receives the most satisfaction in helping other creatives reach their full potential. Trained as a script editor by the leading Dutch Screenplay expert Ernie Tee, he has worked with Dutch writers and directors on the development of TV films and shorts. As a script editor, he prioritizes both the personal growth of a writer as the refinement of the screenplay.

Tonyia Dowling
(Ireland) she/her
As tenacious self-starter Tonyia forged a successful 25-year career as a Producer/Director and Commissioning Executive in current affairs, documentaries, entertainment and formats. As the first Head of Format Development with Ireland’s Public Service Broadcaster RTÉ, she played a key role in establishing Ireland as a creative hot-spot for unscripted format innovation. With an MA in Film and a core passion for TV drama she moved into scripted content creation.  After writing and directing her first short film Spanx & Eve, she directed Ireland’s longest running weekly soap Fair City. Tonyia is a creative leader with strong commercial instincts who continues to develop her storytelling and content creation skills for every medium. Currently she co-produces and co-hosts the award-winning sustainable living podcast EcoMomics available on Spotify.


SeriesLab is organised by TorinoFilmLab - National Museum of Cinema with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Sub-programme of the European Union. SeriesLab 2024 is realised in partnership with VAF - Flanders Audiovisual Fund, hosting the 1st workshop in Belgium; and with Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid and Madrid Film Office, thanks to which the 2nd residential workshop will take place in Madrid, Spain.


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