Marta Andreu



Marta created Playtime in 2004, a production company devoted to documentary filmmaking. She produced the feature films “Between the dictator and me” (collective film premiered in 2005 in more than 170 countries in Europe), “The land inhabited” by Anna Sanmartí (premiered in Visions du Réel 2009, shown in Rotterdam, Viennale, Paris, etc. Awarded in Doclisboa), “Cuchillo de palo” by Renate Costa (premiered in Berlinale in 2010; shown and awarded in more than 30 film festivals since then), “Last chapter. Goodbye Nicaragua” by Peter Torbiorson (premiered in IDFA 2011; awarded in festivals as Sevilla or DocsDF), “Salóme” by Yrsa Roca (premiered in Nordisk Panorma winning the first award, shown in several festivals in Europe and Latinoamerica, 2014), “Oleg and the rare arts” by Andres Duque (premiered in Rotterdam 2015 and shown in festivals like Punto de Vista, Viennale, Cinéma du Réel, DocLisboa, Lincoln Center), among others. Her last production is “Dawn” by Carmen Torres (premiered in FICCI winning the best Colombian film; shown at DocumentaMadrid, havan Film Festival, IDFA, DocLisboa, Margaret Mead Festival, etc). Marta teach creative documentary writing, and give seminars and workshops on portrait, memory, landscape, loss, beauty, origin, epiphany, among other subjects, mainly in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. She is also part of international workshops for pitching or projects development. Some of the places she have taught or keep teaching at are: Colombia (Proimágenes-FDC, which is a Colombian Fund, Universidad del Valle, Cinefilia, Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad Bolivariana Medellín, MIDBO, Creadoc), Lisboa (Arché, a workshop for latin, spanish and portuguese projects organized by Doclisboa, and LisbonDocs, a pitching forum organized by EDN, Encontros do Viana do Castelo), Madrid (Film School NIC, Documenta Madrid), Tanger (Cinemathèque), Paraguay (AECID), Argentina (UNTREF, Di Tella University), Cuba (Film School EICTV, San Antonio de los Baños), Uruguay (DocMontevideo, Universidad de Bellas Artes), Perú, Egipt and Túnez (Documentary Campus and Goethe Insitute), Mexico (DocsDF, Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica), Ecuador (EDOC, Universidad Flacso), Bolivia (Talentdoc, A cielo Abierto, Filmoteca Bolivia), Chile (Chiledoc, Universidad Nacional, Arica); Barcelona (La Bonne Maison), Brazil (DOC Sao Paulo), República Dominicana (Altos de Chavón, DocTV), El Salvador (Ibermedia), Ghana (Steps Project on immigration) among others. In 2008 she conceptualized DocMontevideo together with Luís González Zafaroni, its director, and currently she lead its writing workshop (and pitching) and coordinate the seminars and masterclasses. Since 2015 she do the same for Doc Sao Paulo. From 2009 to 2013 she created and led a Filmic Portrait Lab, coproduced by Playdoc Festival, in Spain. In 2010 she created and led “Docs in progress”, a workshop for Latino and Spanish films in editing stage. Coproduced by Playdoc Festival. In 2011 she created and led a workshop on filmed landscape in Sao Miguel, an Açores Island. Since 2000 until 2016 she have been in charge, programmed, coordinated and taught in the Masters program on Creative Documentary for the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. In 2018 she contributed to create and took charge of the workshop “Corte Final” for documentaries in editing stage for the international Documentary Film Festival, Documenta Madrid. In 2017 she create “WALDEN”, itinerary residencies for Latino american creative documentary, also opened to fiction: 45 projects have already gone through the residency. It takes place once every two months in a different part of the Latino American region. In 2019, “WALDEN” is launching its laboratories, where different filmmakers meet to explore a filmic concept or issue. In April the laboratory will be in Atacama Desert (Chile), coproduced by AricaLab, and focused on the relation between landscape and memory. In July, the laboratory will be in Colombia, where the filmmakers will will be challenged to film Atrato river as a character. Since 2011, Marta is member of the WORLD CINEMA FUND-BERLINALE PROGRAM, selecting projects for production funding, and finished films applying for distribution funding, specializing in America Latina and other DACA countries. Since 2012 she is delegate for Visions du Réel, representing Spain, Portugal and Latino America. She select the projects that participate in DocMontevideo (where more than 150 latin projects are submitted), Doc Sao Paolo (around 120 brasilian submissions), Walden (60 latin, Spanish and Portuguese submissions), Arché (Doc Lisboa), Corte final (Documenta Madrid). Since 2018 she is also part of the Comitee for “Corte final” Selection (DOcumenta Madrid) Marta have been part of the selection process of the films for “La semana del documental” in Doc Montevideo, Docs Barcelona (Documentary film festival) and MIDBO (Colombia Film Festival). She have been part of international juries and encounters: Punto de Vista Film Festival (Pamplona), Locarno (Switzerland), Doc Lisboa (Portugal), Festival de Cali (Colombia), Cinéma du Réel (Paris, France), Alcances (Spain), Festival de Gijón (Spain), Festival de Málaga (Spain), MálagaDocs (Spain), L’Alternativa (Barcelona, Spain), Playdoc (Spain) BAL (Bafici workshop, Buenos Aires-Argentina), FDC –Proimágenes (Colombian fund), ICAU (Uruguayan Fund), National Funds in Perú, Mois du documentaire (France), Visions du Réel (Roughcut Lab, Nyon-Suiza), Dokufest (Kosovo), Palermo (Documentary Campus), Peripheries (Paris), Entrevues (Belfort), Festival dei Popoli (Florence), DocLisboa (Portugal).

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