Jiyoung Kim

Republic of Korea (South Korea)


KIM Jiyoung was born in Seoul and grew up there. She graduated from Yonsei University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Cultural Theory, then a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from Korean National University of Arts. She started making short films in 2013. Her first film “BLANK” was about girls having their first experiences, and a second film “A Virgin Rider” was about a woman trying to escape from oppression. “Anything Worth Noting Never Happens Before Your Eyes” is her third film trying to portray the hardships of a woman’s life, hinting at what might have happened to her while nothing happening. Jiyoung also worked with several directors from abroad as an associate producer. She is working on her first feature film project called DONGTEE which was developed and pitched at Torino Film Lab Next and Talents Tokyo.

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