Irene Moray



Irene Moray is a photographer and filmmaker. In 2012 she moved to Berlin, where she directed her first fiction short film, Bad Lesbian, which received awards such as the Alcine Audience Award and the Jury Prize at the F.i.S.H. Festival in Rostock. After four years in Germany, Moray decided to return to Barcelona where she wrote and directed Watermelon Juice (Suc de Síndria), premiered at Berlinale Shorts and selected at TIFF. The short film garnered more than 100 selections and 30 awards, including an EFA nomination and the Goya Award for Best Fiction Short Film. Recently, Irene has directed an episode of the second season of Vida Perfecta. She is currently writing her first feature film: Sealskin. The project has been selected by the TFL ScriptLab, by the Spanish Film Academy Residencies programme, and by the Filmmakers Lab of the Toronto Film Festival, where the project was awarded the TIFF Filmmakers Lab Fellowship.

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