Luca Zambolin



Luca Zambolin, born in Padua in 1988. In 2010 he made his first short film, "Neve", which won the "Veneto Movie Movement" award at the Euganea Film Festival. In 2012, his short film, "Anna", co-directed with Diego Scano, was produced by Francesco Bonsembiante for Jolefilm, in co-production with Officina Immagini, starring Lucia Mascino and with cinematography by Daria D'Antonio. "Anna" won Best International Short Film at the Fiaticorti film festival and competed in official selections in major Italian festivals. With Jolefilm he has also worked as assistant director for films such as "Effetto Domino" and "The Italian Banker", both by Alessandro Rossetto, and "The Last Ride of the Wolves" by Alberto de Michele, and "Welcome Venice" by Andrea Segre. In 2017, he made the documentary film "A ventiquattro mani" (79'), produced by Jolefilm in collaboration with Fondazione Antonveneta and Cooperativa Social Nuova Idea. In 2018, he obtained support from MiBACT (Ministry of Cultural) and SIAE (Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori) within the Sillumina call for proposals to write, direct and edit the short film "Oltre il fiume", produced by Francesco Bonsembiante for Jolefilm. The short won Best Italian Short Film at the Rome Independent Film Festival and the "A.N.P.I." award at the Valdarno Cinema Film Festival 2020.

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