Farrah Halawa



Farrah, is an Egyptian Film Producer. Since an early age, she was fascinated with the cinematic ability to depict endless perceptions within the realm of reality. Consequently, she has developed a considerable passion for discovering the intricacies of the human psyche, as well as the many facets in which Psychology relates to Film. She studied Psychology with Life Sciences at the University of Sussex. She joined the Lagoonie Film Production team since 2017. Lagoonie Film Production is an Egyptian company that aims to develop the film and TV industry in the MENA region through making high quality films and TV series that address non-mainstream topics, in order to put the Arab film and TV industry on the international scale. The company co-produced Feather by Omar Al-Zuhairi, Huda’s Salon by Hany Abu-Assad, and co-distributed Amira by Mohamed Diab amongst many others. She is currently working on Fragile, a feature film, which follows the journey of a woman who goes through a battle to prove that she does not have to choose between her motherhood and her freedom.

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