Silvia Lobo



Silvia Lobo (Spain, 1981) is an executive producer and film distributor. She studied Film Production and has a degree in Media and Law, specialized in Intellectual Property. She began her career in 2006 as a production assistant at Sony Pictures, then worked as a marketing consultant and Press Officer-PR and made the leap to digital content innovation in VR as a Business Developer. In 2018 she worked at Morena Films on films as Champions and Everybody Knows and documentaries with Carlos Saura and Jose Luis López-Linares. During the last 4 years, Silvia has distributed more than 25 films as Trinta Lumes by Diana Toucedo, The Awakening of the ants by Antonella Sudasassi, Hamada by Eloy Domínguez Serén, Life was that by David Martín de los Santos, Le Milieu de L´Horizon by Delphine Lehericey, Dating Amber by David Freyne, Sauvage by Camille Vidal-Naquet, Liberté by Albert Serra, Lúa Vermella by Lois Patiño, Sweat by Magnus Von Horn, Lola by Laurent Micheli, In a Whisper by Patricia Pérez and Heidi Hassan or Ninjababy by Yngvild Sve Flikke. Silvia is committed to the talent of Spanish and international filmmakers and works with critically acclaimed films in festivals or that have an innovative character due to their subject matter, format, interpretation or direction. Now is working as an independent executive producer of Syntony, a documentary project directed by Eva Vila, which is in a development phase. In addition, she collaborates as an expert in several Distribution or Production Masters in Spain, is the Founding Partner and President of Próxima, Association of Independent Film Distributors (2020 to 2022), is partner of CIMA and EAVE Alumni. She is currently researching on the improvements of Audience Development applied to the BTB and BTC strategies for the film industry.

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