Ewa Einhorn



Ewa Einhorn is an visual artist and filmmaker working with animation, satirical drawing and documentary film. She has worked as visiting lecturer at Art Academies in Denmark, Germany and Sweden. Einhorn received her BA from Vienna Art Academy, MA fromMalmö Art Academy and attended the Whitney Independent Study Program in NY. Since 2009 she has been working together with Jeuno JE Kim on topics related to the construction of Norden, and more specifically the relations between politcal rhetoric, assumptions of national territory, and nations as brands in the Nordic context. Born in Poland she is currently based in Berlin and Malmö. Filmography: Whaled Women, animation, 2012, director NSA/UNN, fiction, 2010, director Atlas, Animation, 2008, director, animator Milkbar, documentary, 2007, director Warszaw.Street.02, documentary, 2003, director Microsort, animation 2000, director, animatior

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