TFL Coming Soon 2023

The 9th edition of TFL Coming Soon - which focuses on the showcase of TFLfilms almost ready for the festival circuit - will take place for the second year in a row in partnership with European Work in Progress.


The TFL projects going to Cologne are: 

HOUSES by Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum (FeatureLab 2019)
Israel - Production: Elad Gavish (Marker Films), Adi Navon (Nova Productions)

Sasha, a 28-year-old non-binary person, sets out on a journey of self-discovery while taking on his troubled memories of growing up in Safed.

THE BEST REWARD by Federico Ferrone (ScriptLab 2016)
Italy - Production: Simone Bachini, Mario Chemello (Apapaja)

The story of 17-year old Mattia: From Italian hip-hop to radical Islam. When the quest for meaning leads to the temptation of violence.

THE NEW ILLUSION by Jasmin Gordon (ScriptLab 2021)
Switzerland - Production: Brigitte Hofer (maximage)

Jule, a rebel mother on the brink of financial disaster, will stop at nothing to find a home for her family.

This project received the 
European Work in Progress K13 Studios Award (Voucher worth €10,000 for Dolby Atmos Mixing).

EWIP TFL Audience Design Award

Together with the TorinoFilmLab, EWIP awards the "EWIP TFL Audience Design Award". It provides for a consultation with TFL experts aimed at analysing the film from a marketing perspective and developing creative ideas for the international sale and distribution of the film. 

Awarded project: VENA by Chiara Fleischhacker (Germany)


LAST SHADOW AT FIRST LIGHT by Nicole Midori Woodford (San Sebastian Film Festival 2023)
AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Makbul Mubarak (Venice and Toronto 2022)
DAUGHTER OF RAGE by Laura Baumeister (Toronto 2022)
RUNNER by Marian Mathias (Toronto 2022)
A MALE by Fabian Hernández (Cannes 2022)
WHETHER THE WEATHER IS FINE by Carlo Francisco Manatad (Locarno and Toronto 2021)
WHITE BUILDING by Kavich Neang (Venice 2021).

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