Dries Phlypo



Dries is Managing Partner and Producer for A Private View. His films include MOSCOW, BELGIUM, OXYGEN, ZAGROS and the upcoming MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE. His films have played at top festivals including Critics' Week in Cannes, Palm Springs, Karlovy Vary and Les Arcs, garnering awards along the way. He has recently produced the drama series AMIGOS an A GOOD YEAR and the animation series RUSTY and MISTER PAPER. He has also co-produced films including ZURICH, COBAIN and DIRTY GOD. Dries also produced several shorts, two of which were nominated for an Academy Award: "Tanghi Argentini" (2007) by Guy Thys and "Na Wewe" (2011) by Ivan Goldsmidt. His most recent short "Bad Hunter" by Sahim Omar Kalifa was short-listed for the Academy Awards in 2016. Dries is a board member of the Flemish Film Producers Association, board member of ACE PRODUCERS and graduate of Inside Pictures.

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