Anna Ciennik



Anna Ciennik graduated from La Fémis French film school in the production department in 2010. She has been working in different capacities - mostly as line producer and post-production supervisor - for Les César, Les Films d’Ici, Les Films de Pierre, Kazak productions. In parallel, she has been reading scripts for companies and official institutions in France and the UK including the CNC, Why Not Productions, Creative Films. Enriched by these experiences, she felt the urge to dedicate herself to script-development and story-editing. She reads for European production companies in several languages. Anna’s interest for international independent production led her to join Paris Coproduction Village and Les Arcs European Film Festival as coordinator of the professional events. Polish-born, French-educated, British at heart, Spaniard sometimes, and tentatively Italian, Anna likes to constantly look at the world from different perspectives. She is a bit of a language and wine geek. Anna is a member of of the French Collectif 5050, a French organization which campaigns for equality between men and women in front and behind the camera. TFL & a Berlinale Talent alumna, she works for several Labs: BoostNL, Open Doors Consultancy, ESP, Plot Script Lab & Alpi Film Lab.

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